Just Cause 4 PC review

One-man army and scourge of dictators the world over, Rico Rodriguez, returns to wreak over-the-top havoc for a fourth time. This time the island nation of Solís is our hero’s sandbox, ripe for destruction.

Just Cause 4 allows players to live out their most direct-to-video action movie fantasies. This third-person shooter gives you all the tools, trucks, tanks, cars, boats, planes and helicopters you need to unleash unadulterated carnage, take on the forces of the Black Hand and find out more about your father’s secret. Continue reading Just Cause 4 PC review

Interview with Matt Firor President and Game Director at ZeniMax Online

For over four years The Elder Scrolls Online has been delighting fans of Bethedsa’s meticulously realised fantasy world. Since launch the game has seen many changes, the switch from subscription to free-to-play being the most radical. The game has also seen two major expansions and countless DLC additions.

At the recent PAX Australia gaming expo, I sat down with Matt Firor, ESO’s designer and now President and Game Director at ZeniMax Online. Continue reading Interview with Matt Firor President and Game Director at ZeniMax Online

Fallout 76 PC review

Fallout 76 takes the popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game series and places it in an online world.

Like their Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda’s Fallout games carry the hallmark of quality single-player narrative adventures. The player is the hero, the game world revolves around and exists only to service the player’s story. Continue reading Fallout 76 PC review

Battlefield V PC review

2016’s Battlefield 1 switched the action from the modern combat setting that has been the focus of the series since Battlefield 2, to the First World War. With Battlefield V the series comes full circle, returning to the conflict of the Second World War. Continue reading Battlefield V PC review

Hands-on review: Tile Mate and Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers

Losing your phone and keys is a thing of the past thanks to the folks at Tile.

One phrase that fills me with dread is when my wife says,” Have you seen my keys?”. What follows is usually a frantic joint effort checking pockets, down the sides of the sofa and in toy boxes (we have a two-year-old). We’ve never had keys lost for good (touch wood), but it’s come close. Continue reading Hands-on review: Tile Mate and Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers

Hitman 2 PC review

IO Interactive’s sudden departure from Square Enix, taking their Hitman franchise with them, was a surprise. Whilst the episodic nature of the game wasn’t to everybody’s taste, 2016’s Hitman was a solid entry into the veteran stealth series.

Hitman 2 is effectively the second season. In fact, all the episodes of Hitman Season One are available as a DLC pack (which is, if you haven’t already played them, an essential purchase). Continue reading Hitman 2 PC review

Razer Infrit Streaming Headset Review

Razer’s Infrit is a lightweight, low-profile headset designed to provide maximum performance without obscuring your face. Primarily aimed at streamers and content creators, the headset provides an alternative to strapping a couple of huge cans to your head. Continue reading Razer Infrit Streaming Headset Review

The Just Cause 4 mayhem is nearly upon us

I was only a few minutes into my preview session with Just Cause 4 when I realised that I was in for some trouble. Continue reading The Just Cause 4 mayhem is nearly upon us

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