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RIP Moebius. Jean Giraud has passed away

RIP Moebius
RIP Moebius

The inspirational French artist Jean Giraud AKA Moebius passed away on 10 March 2012 in Paris. He was 73.

Moebius was most famous for his contributions to the magazine that he co-founded, Métal Hurlant, known in the English-speaking world as Heavy Metal. Moebius’s distinctive art style inspired the likes of Ridley Scott, who used his designs in the 1979 film Alien and inspired the visual style of Scott’s sci-fi followup, Blade Runner. Continue reading RIP Moebius. Jean Giraud has passed away

Vic B’Stard’s week in review- excuses, Skyrim, the return of Alan Wake, blowing the cobwebs off Syndicate, Mass Effect 3, Rock Band Pro and Star Trek Online!.

Vic B'Stard
Normal service has now resumed!

Week in review hardly seems an appropriate title for this editorial any more considering the amount of time that has passed since the last one. I do, however, have plenty of excuses.

The sudden, strong desire to depart New Zealand for the more opulent shores of Australia has been taking up a fair amount of my time recently. The other thing taking up my time is all those games that were released over the Christmas period; Skyrim being the main culprit. Continue reading Vic B’Stard’s week in review- excuses, Skyrim, the return of Alan Wake, blowing the cobwebs off Syndicate, Mass Effect 3, Rock Band Pro and Star Trek Online!.

Ralph McQuarrie has passed away

RIP Ralph McQuarrie

The success of Star Wars owes everything to the look and feel of the universe that the films portrayed on the big screen.

Unlike the whitewashed sci-fi visuals that had gone before, Star Wars looked lived in, the worlds and the spaceships all looked like they could actually have existed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. This is all down to Ralph McQuarrie. Continue reading Ralph McQuarrie has passed away

Game review: Dear Esther

But is it a game?

Game, interactive story experience or pretentious twaddle? the commercial release of the former Source Engine mod, Dear Esther, promises to divide its audience.

I’ve been playing games for far too long. So long, in fact, that I rarely actually have an original gaming experience. Most games are basically derivative efforts that I’ve seen before. I’m not saying that as necessarily a bad thing, it’s just truly original ideas seem to be getting few and far between these days. Dear Esther seems to be a change from the gaming norm. Continue reading Game review: Dear Esther

Space Nazi film Iron Sky to premiere in Berlin!

Space Nazis, oh yes please!

The Finnish film-makers behind the odd Star Trek parody, Star Wreak: In the Pirkinning have been hard at work on their space Nazi comedy flick, Iron Sky.

Iron Sky tells the semi-plausable story of a modern day Nazi invasion from their secret base on the dark side of the moon, where they have laid in wait for almost 70 years.

The film is a joint production between Blind Spot Pictures and Energia Productions in Finland,  27 Films in Germany and New Holland Pictures in Australia. .

The film will premiere at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival which runs from the 9th to the 19th of February. Considering how sensitive Germans are about their Nazi past, the film is sure to get  few tongues wagging and knock a few jaws out of joint. Continue reading Space Nazi film Iron Sky to premiere in Berlin!

CoD Elite DLC incoming

More multiplayer mayhem

Well, the holidays are over and I’m still nowhere near finishing Skyrim. I did finally manage to get through the first Company of Heroes game, so that’s one down, eight to go. I was wondering how to start the year off when Activision reminded  me about that Call of Duty Elite premium thingy a paid a fortune for.

When I purchased my premium membership pass for Activision’s Call of Duty Elite I questioned why I’d bothered. You see I’m not the best CoD player out there; sure I have my moments, but I not a stats hungry virtual tactician or anything like that. I hardly have the time to play the bloody game least have the time to study a load of old guff in the hope that it’ll gain me a positive kill/death ratio.

I did however, quite like the idea of effectively paying up front for the Modern Warfare 3  DLC, and getting it early to boot. Continue reading CoD Elite DLC incoming

Merry Christmas from State of Play

Have a happy gaming Christmas!

Here’s wishing you all a merry Christmas from me, Vic B’Stard and

I’ve been a bit quiet of late playing Skyrim, getting right into COD:MW3 multiplayer and catching up with my Blu-rays.

I’ll be back soon, but in the meantime check out my Assassin’s Creed Revelations review on, here.

Catch you later!

Skyrim: Fantastic “Dragonborn” song cover

I just can't get enough Skyrim!

As you may already know, I’m loving Skyrim at the mo’. I’m right into it and playing it on the Xbox 360 and the PC.

A little while ago I came across this cover version of the in-game song “The Dragonborn Comes” which you’ll often here bards singing inside the various drinking holes scattered across the province of Skyrim. If you’ve not heard it, you can always approach the bard and request it (another reason why Skyrim is so awesome). Continue reading Skyrim: Fantastic “Dragonborn” song cover