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E3 Aftermath: EA Trailers

EA @E3
EA @E3

I’ve already had a sneak peek at FIFA 14, but as you’d expect the rest of EA’s slate for the year ahead looks equally amazing. There’s a few surprises as well, like Mirrors Edge and Command & Conquer.

Check below for the E3 trailers for EA’s upcoming releases, as kindly supplied to me by my good friends at EA Australia. Enjoy!


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Week in review: E3 Round-up Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Ubisoft and EA media briefing videos

E3 2013 Round-up
E3 2013 Round-up

This is the first E3 that I’ve not actually followed ‘as it happened’. With the launch of two consoles and the amount of media coverage I wasn’t missing out by not staying up all night to watch a few glitzy presentations. Besides, my Twitter feed was full of media peeps all tweeting exactly the same thing.

Over the last few days I’ve been slowly going through the various E3 press show videos that are available on YouTube. I’ve embedded a few below. Continue reading Week in review: E3 Round-up Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Ubisoft and EA media briefing videos

Monday E3 press release round up: spam post


Bloody hell. My mail box is full of press releases. Whats going on? E3, that’s what.

I’ve not had the chance to look at any of the E3 stuff myself, to I can’t tell you anything. What I can do, however, is spam this post with some of today’s unedited press releases (with my bad formatting). Here goes! Continue reading Monday E3 press release round up: spam post

Week in review: E3, the voice of Snake, Galaxy Note 10.1 and The Last of Us

Vic B'Stard
The Pre-E3 Week in Review

Whilst I’ve still got a few reviews to sort out, for some reason things seem to be a bit calmer than they’ve been for the last few weeks.

This could be just the calm before the storm, but nevertheless I though I’d take the opportunity to knock out a rather belated edition of Week in Review. It’s a bit of a mishmash, I’m afraid, but I’ve lots of thoughts and little time to put them down in words. Continue reading Week in review: E3, the voice of Snake, Galaxy Note 10.1 and The Last of Us

Metro: Last Light PC review

Metro: Last Light PC review
Going underground!

The tube, the underground, subway or metro. Call it what you will, but there’s a lot to be said for subterranean train systems and their vital contribution to inner city transport networks. Saying that, I think that anyone that has habitually used one would agree that they are a means to an end; a necessary evil. We need it, but we don’t really like it. It smells, it’s dusty and it’s full of rats.

Spare a thought, then, for the citizens of post-apocalyptic Moscow who, when the bombs went off retreated into the city’s metro system and made it their home. It is a bleak and dismal place that they share with die-hard communists, fascist neo-Nazis and irradiated mutants. Continue reading Metro: Last Light PC review

GRID 2: exclusive Q&A with Codemasters’ producer Iain Smith

GRID 2: exclusive Q&A with Codemasters' producer Iain Smith
Start your engines!

After a five year break the only street-racing game worth playing returns. Codemasters seem to have really outdone themselves this time with GRID 2, the long awaited sequel to Race Driver: GRID.

Back in 2008, almost lost amongst all the other racing games vying for first place, Race Driver: GRID had them all beat. Whilst other racers concentrated on simulating the driving experience, for GRID it was about the fun and the excitement of taking a car up to and beyond its limits. It was about hot rubber on sticky tarmac, not clutch plates and drive shafts. The result was a racing game for everyone, from Supercar V8 to Japanese drift racing. GRID had a heart and soul that provided a racing experience that took your breath away. Continue reading GRID 2: exclusive Q&A with Codemasters’ producer Iain Smith

Fuse Xbox 360 preview

Fuse Xbox 360 preview
Light the Fuse!

Take a group of gruff mercenaries, a sci-fi setting, a strange alien power source and some stupendous weapons and you’ve the recipe for a interesting game. Design it from the ground up to be drop-in drop-out four-player co-op and you’ve got the potential for something rather special.

Welcome to Fuse, the third-person shooter from Insomniac Games, the same outfit the brought us Spryro, Ratchet and Clank, and the Resistance series.

I recently attended a special preview event hosted by Insomniac Games’ co-founder Ted Price over at EA Games’ Sydney HQ. I got to play the first few hours of the Xbox 360 version of the game in a two player co-op campaign session as well as a little of the game’s “co-petative” Echelon mode. Continue reading Fuse Xbox 360 preview

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC review

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC review
A Welcome return to the Old West

1910. Abilene, Kansas. A car narrowly misses a lone man on horseback. What was once the Wild West has now been tamed. After tying up his horse, aged former gunslinger and bounty hunter, Silas Greaves pushes open the doors of Bulls Head saloon.

As he enters Silas is immediately recognised by a young man, Dwight, who is familiar with the gunslinger’s exploits as published in pages of one of the notoriously exaggerated pulp novels. Sitting himself down with the bar’s patrons Silas recalls his past adventures to a fascinated, if somewhat sceptical, audience. Continue reading Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC review