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DriveClub PlayStation 4 review

Originally intended as a PlayStation 4 launch title, DriveClub has been a long time coming. Despite an extra year to polish it up, In the middle of my review the multiplayer servers packed up, so I was unable to really check out the multiplayer aspect of the game.

I did, however, take the time to check out the game’s single-player mode. Having only just prised myself from Forza Horizon 2, and having recently previewed Ubisoft’s The Crew, DriveClub had a lot to live up to. Continue reading DriveClub PlayStation 4 review

Project Spark Xbox One review

I’ve wanted to make games for as long as I’ve been playing them. Being a kid, in a time before the term “gamer” was associated with video games, I was a computer enthusiast. Playing games on my ZX81 was just part of my hobby, the rest of the time I was programming.

In those early days of home computing it wasn’t unusual to dabble in a bit of BASIC programming and knock up little games. It was this pioneering spirit of bedroom coding that lead the Darling brothers to form Codemasters. For a brief time any kid could make games. Continue reading Project Spark Xbox One review

Stronghold Crusader II PC review

Back in the day, before 3D graphics afforded us immersive worlds to get lost in, the real-time strategy game was king. Games like The Settlers and Age of Empires had us collecting resources and nurturing tiny little societies into greatness.

Another of those games was 2001’s Stronghold, whereby players took on the role of a medieval lord charged with building kingdom with strong economic and military might in order that it may flourish and survive. Continue reading Stronghold Crusader II PC review

Forza Horizon 2 review

With Forza Horizon 2 Microsoft Studios finally injects some life into their flagship new-gen racing franchise.

Whilst I love Forza 5 it is a bit dry. Even the PS3’s Gran Turismo 6 – not exactly a party animal in itself – has more soul than the Xbox One’s launch-day racing game. Forza 5 is a nice game, but a bit on the dull side.

Enter UK outfit Playground Games who have built upon Turn 10’s excellent racing technology to bring us Forza Horizon 2. Continue reading Forza Horizon 2 review

NHL 15 PlayStation 4 review

EA Sports continues its 2015 line-up with NHL 15. This year’s ice hockey extravaganza is a somewhat muted affair, even though it does mark the series debut on the new-gen consoles.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are just roster updates of last year’s game. NHL 15 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however, has had a polish-up in the graphics and physics department courtesy of EA’s new-gen Ignite engine. Continue reading NHL 15 PlayStation 4 review

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition PC review

As the unsung hero amongst an otherwise muted collection of Xbox One launch titles, Dead Rising 3 finally delivered on the promise offered by its predecessors.

Now it’s time for PC fans to take on the zombie apocalypse. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition provides PC gamers with the original Dead Rising 3 game plus the four DLC “Untold Stories”. Continue reading Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition PC review

Table Top Racing PS Vita review

One of my earliest memories is that of driving toy cars across my mother’s furniture in a perilous race to the death against my brother.

Playrise Digital’s Table Top Racing on the PS Vita sets out to recapture those innocent times when a kitchen table could very well be the domestic equivalent of the Indianapolis Speedway.

It’s an arcade racer with little cars racing along circuits similar to the makeshift tracks you probably made when you were a kid. The eight included circuits will have you hooning around power-tools on a garage bench top, across the barbeque and around the toy table. Continue reading Table Top Racing PS Vita review

Metro Redux PlayStation 4 Review

Two of the most awesome, depressing post-apocalyptic survival horror games has been polished up and packaged together for the new-gen.

Metro Redux follows the lead of The Last of Us Remastered in offering up a classic last-gen experience polished up for the new-gen. This package goes one further than Naughty Dog’s PS4 exclusive by including two games: a remastered version of the four year old Metro 2033 and last year’s sequel Metro: Last Light. Metro Redux is also available on Xbox One and PC as well. Continue reading Metro Redux PlayStation 4 Review