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The Talos Principle VR HTC Vive review

With The Talos Principle, Serious Sam developers, Croteam, ditched the mindless (but fun) violence of their previous endeavours. Instead we have a philosophical game that ponders about sentient A.I. and features some neat puzzles.

Despite being a few years old now, fans of The Talos Principle have been crying out for a virtual reality version of the game. Having been teased by Croteam and their Serious Sam VR releases, it was only a matter of time until we where given the opportunity to return to The Talos Principle in VR. Continue reading The Talos Principle VR HTC Vive review

Switch owners get their hands dirty with Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner is a retro-style 2D puzzler that charges players with cleaning up the mess left by hit-men. Previously available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Serial Cleaner is now available on Nintendo’s Switch.

The focus is on stealth as the Cleaner you must infiltrate the often heavily-guarded crime scenes, removing bodies, murder weapons and important items. There’s usually a quantity of bloody that also needs mopping up. Continue reading Switch owners get their hands dirty with Serial Cleaner

EA Sports UFC 3 Xbox One review

EA’s UFC games have gone from strength-to-strength. For this third iteration player get to fight with the most realistic fighters of any combat game. UFC 3’s gameplay mechanics have also been suitably overhauled to give us a more refined game.

This being an EA Sports title, it has something for everybody. The title screen offers players a number of options: Fight Modes, Career Mode, Create Fighter, UFC Ultimate Team, Tournament Mode, Live Events, Ranked Championships and Online Quick Fight. Continue reading EA Sports UFC 3 Xbox One review

Super Mario Odyssey Switch review

Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber has made his proper Nintendo Switch debut with Super Mario Odyssey (Mario Kart doesn’t count). Continuing the open-world style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, players follow Mario as he explores a series of kingdoms in order to stop Bowser from marrying the kidnapped Princess Peach. Continue reading Super Mario Odyssey Switch review

PlayStation VR owners go Final Fantasy fishing

Long running Japanese RPG series, Final Fantasy gets it’s first virtual reality title and, as you’d expect, it’s a bit weird. Injecting you right into the fantastical world of Eos from Final Fantasy XV, PlayStation VR owners can join the award-winning RPG title’s hero, Noctis, on a fishing trip. Continue reading PlayStation VR owners go Final Fantasy fishing

Megaton Rainfall PS4/PSVR review

The sense of flying is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in virtual Reality. Be it soaring around the globe in Google Earth VR, flying an Iroquois helicopter across the Nevada desert in DCS, or even dogfighting in space with Eve Valkyrie, departing terra firma is exhilarating.

You can add the PlayStation VR title, Megaton Rainfall to this list. Casting the player as a super-powered protector of the Earth, this is the closest that you’ll get right now to a full-on VR Superman simulator. Continue reading Megaton Rainfall PS4/PSVR review

The Invisible Hours PSVR review

The Invisible Hours is an interesting one. It’s not really a game, it’s more like a piece of interactive theatre.

On purchasing your ticket, you enter an old-style movie theatre and walk to your box. As you begin you are transported to a jetty, as a bearded fellow disembarks a small boat and makes his way up some steps, through the rain, towards a house perched on top of what is a small island. Continue reading The Invisible Hours PSVR review

PC Gaming gets supersized

At CES in Las Vegas NVIDIA have just announced the introduction of the big format gaming displays, AKA BFGDs.

Created in conjunction with NVIDIA hardware partners Acer, ASUS and HP, BFGDs integrate a high-end 65-inch, 4K 120Hz HDR display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology together with the NVIDIA SHIELD streaming device. This combination delivers a buttery-smooth gaming experiences for PC gaming and media streaming applications — all on a giant screen. Continue reading PC Gaming gets supersized