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Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4-2600 review

I’ve been quite happy using Crucial’s Ballistix memory, but when it comes to showing off your PC rig, illumination is where it’s at.

As standard, Geforce GPUs glow green, Asus’ awesome ROG motherboards also come equipped to offer an in-case RGB light show. Even the lowly CPU cooler emits a comforting glow to let you know it’s hard at work keeping things chilled. Continue reading Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4-2600 review

Freewell upgrades the DJI Mavic Air with new accessories

Action camera specialists Freewell Gear have extended their range to include accessories for the small but perfectly formed DJI Mavic Air drone.

Freewell are no strangers to helping photographers and videographers get the best from their cameras. Freewell’s filters and accessories for GoPro, Sony, Yuneec and DJI cameras have enabled users to capture amazing outdoor photos and video footage. Continue reading Freewell upgrades the DJI Mavic Air with new accessories

Onrush PlayStation 4 review

Codemasters have been producing top-notch racing games for years now. In the main these have been grounded affairs like their Dirt, Grid and Formula One franchises. Onrush throws all that realism out the window in favour of heart-in-mouth racing mixed with more than a little bit of destruction. Continue reading Onrush PlayStation 4 review

Sony Xperia XA2 review

Sony’s Xperia mobile phones are classy devices and the Xperia XA2 is no exception. It’s not the best Xperia, and it is a bit chunky compared to its Samsung brethren, but it’s feature packed and feels, well, nice in the hand. Continue reading Sony Xperia XA2 review

Epson Workforce ET-16500 review

The Workforce ET-16500 A3 multi-function printer adds Epson’s EcoTank cartridge-free printing as an option for the small business/home office.

A3 printing is essential for most businesses. With the ET-16500 able to cope with printing and scanning up to A3+ sized paper, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a larger format printer for normal day-to-day operations. Continue reading Epson Workforce ET-16500 review

Jurassic World Evolution PC review

Jurassic World Evolution is a movie tie-in theme park management game from the same developer as the wonderful Planet Coaster, but is it any good? Continue reading Jurassic World Evolution PC review

Ryze Tello 5MP/720p mini-drone review

The result of an interesting partnership between Shenzhen-based Ryze Technology, Intel and industry-leading drone manufacturer, DJI, the Ryze Tello quad-copter may be the cheapest and most sophisticated mini-drone available today. Continue reading Ryze Tello 5MP/720p mini-drone review

Xperia Ear Duo wireless open-ear stereo headset review

Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo kit turns what you think you want from a pair of premium wireless earbuds on its head.

Of late I seem to the go-to guy when it comes to wireless earbuds. Ironically, I usually like my audio loud and preferably via dirty great speakers. Stuffing dainty little bits of plastic in my ears isn’t really my cup of tea. Apart from worrying about the things failing out, unless they are plugged into a car battery, there’s no way I’m going to get my usual deafening audio levels.

The fact of the matter is that I need a lot more than music to sell me on the idea of wireless earbuds.

Hello Sony Xperia Ear Duo. Continue reading Xperia Ear Duo wireless open-ear stereo headset review