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Dirt Rally gets real

April sees the arrival of Codemasters’ Dirt Rally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In anticipation, the award-winning publisher put their money where their mouth is and set out to prove to me just how close their rally game is to the real thing.

I’ve been playing Dirt Rally on PC since the game’s early access last year. Unlike the last couple of interactions of Codemasters’ Dirt series, Dirt Rally goes back to the franchise’s roots, offering up a solid and rather unforgiving rally experience. Continue reading Dirt Rally gets real delivers new (real) tank, famous for it’s free-to-play World of Tanks games on console, tablet and PC as well as World of Warships on PC has just delivered a real tank to the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum in Cairns. Continue reading delivers new (real) tank

Project CARS gets more Kiwi content

Project CARS, a game that is possibly the best all-round road racing game available at the moment, gets another iconic Kiwi upgrade.

Following last year’s inclusion of Ruapuna Park, the Stanceworks DLC pack adds Kiwi Mad Mike Whiddett’s MX-5 RadBul Formula Drift to the game. Continue reading Project CARS gets more Kiwi content

World of Tanks comes to PlayStation 4

The hit online tank battle game, World of Tanks has finally made its debut on PlayStation 4. PC, Xbox and even tablet owners have been able to enjoy the fast-paced tank battles offered by’s flagship game for some time. With this new release, World of Tanks is now available to play on all major gaming platforms. Continue reading World of Tanks comes to PlayStation 4

2015: a gaming year in review

2015, what a year. It’s been a year where I spent many an hour retreading old games with shiny new visuals, but also one where I experienced gameplay and graphical fidelity unlike anything I’d seen in the thirty-five years that I’ve been playing video games. Here are some of the highlights of my gaming year. Continue reading 2015: a gaming year in review

Sydney wishes PlayStation a happy 20th Birthday

On the 10th December PlayStation Australia held a press conference and a lavish evening party to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation. I was there for the free booze to cover the event.

Sitting unassuming in the middle of the world’s most famous harbour, Sydney Harbour, is Cockatoo Island. The site of a former gaol and shipyard, the island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and events centre. It was among this bit of Australian history that Sony choose to celebrate a very special part of video gaming history: The PlayStation. Continue reading Sydney wishes PlayStation a happy 20th Birthday

Skylanders Superchargers Xbox 360 review

Another year and another edition of Activision’s videogame and collectable figurine mash-up. For this year’s Skylanders Superchargers, vehicles have been added into the mix, opening up a whole new way to play the game and drain parents of their cash. Continue reading Skylanders Superchargers Xbox 360 review

Driveclub Bikes PlayStation 4 review

The PlayStation 4’s exclusive racing game, Driveclub gets a major upgrade with its Driveclub Bikes DLC pack, adding two-wheeled superbikes into the mix.

To say that Driveclub had a difficult birth would be an understatement. Originally due to be released as a freemium game for PS+ subscribers, the launch of the game’s retail version was so chaotic that the developers had to change their plans. The free version got delayed whilst server and connection issues plagued the retail release. Fans got angry and things turned nasty. Continue reading Driveclub Bikes PlayStation 4 review