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Vic B’Stard’s week(s) in review: Batman, Holy Terror, Kinect Sports: Season Two, Battlefield 3 veteran status.

Vic B'Stard
Busy. Do not disturb!

After Bat-week , a long weekend here in New Zealand , a little bit of intellectual property drama and me being too busy in Arkham City to write anything, State of Play returns to normal. Well sort of, as best it can in this game encrusted run-up to the Christmas holiday. 

Even though I’m still getting down and dirty with Batman in Arkham City and taking Battlefield 3 through its paces, my attention is turning towards the next triple A title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception which launches in little over a week’s time, exciting stuff. After Nathan Drake’s outing we then have Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Busy, busy, busy.

Anyhoo, with two weeks work of goings on to summarise, I’d better get cracking. Continue reading Vic B’Stard’s week(s) in review: Batman, Holy Terror, Kinect Sports: Season Two, Battlefield 3 veteran status.

Vic B’Stard @Game Culture NZ

Vic B'Stard
Credit where credit’s due.

Due to an administration error, my writing credits got removed from the articles that I wrote on the Game Culture NZ website and accidentally credited to another author.

As I did the writing for free, having the author credit is pretty much the only reward I got for the job, so it was important for me to get the situation sorted out as soon as possible. Apparently the stuff-up was due to me being removed as a contributor to the site; other commitments making me unable to continue writing for them on a regular basis.

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I’m Baaack!

I’ve just moved the site from the comfort of to its permanent home at

Please adjust your links accordingly, although will redirect you here for the time being. You may notice a lack of functionality and the old hiccup as I configure plug-ins and edit the CSS. Hopefully it’ll all be up and running nicely by next week.

Why have I moved host? Well, this site started out as a simple  Saturday afternoon folly. I see a fair amount of potential that simply doesn’t allow for. About a month ago I purchased the domain and it has just been a case of getting around to it/being brave enough to migrate.

There is a lot more that I can do now. So please stick around

Musical interlude: Kurt Shanks…I know that man!

This isn’t a music site, I know. But I got a press release in my email box today that triggered a WTF moment that I thought I’d share.

Auckland singer/songwriter Kurt Shanks, who I used to work with when I lived on the Shore, has just released the video for We Shall Have Another Day, the featured track from his debut EP which will be out in the first week of August.

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New Laptop

Vic B’Stard is setting up a new laptop at the moment. So things will be slow this weekend. Normal service will resume soon.

We also have a new NZ URL to call home, so we are also in the process of switching over from to the new URL. More on this soon.

Be seeing you.