Vic B’Stard’s week in review

Vic B'Stard
It's football NOT soccer!

It’s somewhat ironic, at a time when the rest of New Zealand is going mad for rugby that this Englishman has spent the week sitting in front of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 enjoying a proper game of football.  None of that odd game played by gentlemen with funny-shaped balls around here.

The big problem is that if you mention football in gaming circles, all you are going to hear is FIFA. EA’s football gaming franchise has pretty much got the digital version of the sport sewn up. I’ll admit to being rather disapponted when what I’d have preferred to be a nice review copy of FIFA 2012 actually turned out to be a copy of Konami’s PES 2012 instead. Continue reading Vic B’Stard’s week in review

Zombie strippers!

House of the Dead Overkill
Zombies, zombies, zombies!!!!

We’ve had zombie Nazis, wild west zombies and all manner of other reanimated flesh-eaters.

bizarrely, we have to hand it to Sega and their upcoming House of the Dead OVERKILL to lower the tone with ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!!

Gaming punters will get the chance to enjoy the gyrating hips of the recently deceased as their decaying bodies writhe around for their pleasure. Player will be able to enjoy the view and then blow their brains out, as one must when confronted with any sort of walking dead.

Check out the undead T&A in the trailer below! Fwarr!! Continue reading Zombie strippers!

The best PS3 advert ever

Sony PS3
Best gaming ad ever?

Those clever marketing guys at Sony have come up with an advert that says thank you to us all…for just being gamers.

The two minute long advert features the live action debut of many iconic PlayStation gaming icons as well as a few multi-platform stars. Set in a dimly lit bar, various gaming legends describe their adventures and thank the gamer that helped them live to tell the tale.

It’s pretty amazing and crazy-cool.

Continue reading The best PS3 advert ever

Playing games for fun

Vic B'Stard
Games, bloody games.

It’s been a rare weekend where I’ve found myself playing games purely for my own recreational purposes.

Having spent the week trying to negotiate with a viral infection coughed up by the Dark Lord Beelzebub himself, I finally finished Gears of War 3 and played enough multiplayer to get the gist of it enough to splutter out a rather huge review for the guys at, for their Games Console section. You can read my Gears of War 3 review here.

Before playing though Gears of War 3, I also had to (start and) finish Gears of War 2, which I’d had lying about for the last few years without bothering with. After putting Gears of War 3 to bed (and back on my shelf), the completest in me turned to the original Gears of War, which I also never completed. I 99.9% finished it, tight up to the final fight with General Ramm. At the time, it fell into the too hard pile and I lost interest. Having spent the best part of the last week doing nothing but shooting grubbs, I decided to give old Rammy another bash…and killed him on the third attempt. Easy really. So in one week I finished all three Gears games. A Gold Star for me. Continue reading Playing games for fun

Retrospective: Alan Wake Xbox 360 Review

Alan Wake

I’m a long time fan of Remedy Entertainment from way back, when all they did was code tech demos for PC benchmarking. Their break-out 2001 game, Max Payne, successfully melded an adult, hard-boiled storyline with explosive gameplay and graphics. A couple of years later Max Payne 2 took it all to the next level. With Alan Wake, Remedy took the know-how from Max Payne and applied to something more akin to an episode of The Twilight Zone.

When I first heard about Alan Wake it was via a tiny piece in the front pages of a UK games mag, it was a bit different to the game that Microsoft ended up publishing in 2010. The early Alan Wake was a sandbox game where Alan could wander around Bright Falls safely during daylight, but was pursued by evil during the night. For reasons that are beyond me now, I was quite taken with the idea of taking a cable car up into the mountains. I think it was the whole newness od the interactive sandbox thing. I still enjoy aimlessly wandering and exploring in games like Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3. I wonder what that sandbox Bright Falls would have played like, especially as I’m currently having so much fun with the zombie sandbox, Dead Island. Remedy have gone on record stating that the changes were necessary to tighten and refine the story experience, something that they believed to be impossible with a sandbox environment. Continue reading Retrospective: Alan Wake Xbox 360 Review

Vic B’Stard’s week in review

Vic B'Stard
Excuses, excuses

Welcome back to another cop-out of a post where I’ll retread stuff that you can read elsewhere and make excuses as to why I’ve been “too busy” to write any actual content on this site all week.

It seemed a bit strange that in the week that saw the retail release of highly anticipated Gear of War 3 and yet I still  found myself playing a three-year old Xbox 360 game and an Xbox Live Arcade offering, instead.

So OK, I was playing Gears 3 for a few day the week before it came out, I had been given a review copy and intended to put a review up on these pages. I’d also, the week before, promised the folks over at Game Culture NZ a review of the Xbox Live Arcade action RPG, Crimson Alliance. A bit of prioritising put both a review for The Gunstringer and first impressions piece for El Shaddai: Accension of the Metatron before Crimson Alliance.

I’d never finished Gears of War 2; the truth be known, I’d not really started it. So I found myself hurriedly trying to get through Gears 2 in between Gears of War 3 sessions. Apart from being confusing, Gears 2‘s plot mixing with that of Gears 3, my obligation to review Crimson Alliance was also preying on my mind. Continue reading Vic B’Stard’s week in review

Rabbids Rugby 2011 Haka video released

Rabbids Haka
Bwaaahka? No!

New Zealanders are renown worldwide as being a fairly easy-going and laid-back bunch. There’s not much that’ll rattle a kiwi.

Talking about South African rugby will raise the temperature a bit, but New Zealand has nearly got over the 1995 Rugby World Cup final. The French government’s terrorist bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour back in 1985 will also cause a bit of a stir and not really a topic for polite conversion.

Messing with the Haka is also a big no-no. Continue reading Rabbids Rugby 2011 Haka video released

Gears of War 3 RTFM?*

Where's the F-ing manual?

When I was kid back in the day, picking up a new game was a big thing for me. The game cassette would be packed in hard behind a concertinaed pamphlet that would expand to reveal the game manual. It the days before, actual video game graphics, when a vampire would simply be represented by a pair of quotation marks, the manual was an invaluable catalyst for the players imagination. Without reading the game’s back story and plot the player was simple chasing pound-signs around the screen with an asterisk. After reading the obligatory prose on page one of the manual, the player understood that the asterisk-knight was, in fact chasing down pound-sign-snakes.

Even now, when I pick up game, the first thing that I do (if I can’t immediately put on and play it) is open the manual and take a look at the gaming delights that await me. Continue reading Gears of War 3 RTFM?*

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