Death of Spider-man body-bagged

My copy of Ultimate Spider-man (or is that Ultimate Comics Spider-man..I give up) #160, the death of Spider-man issue, arrived today from my pals at Mark One Comics in Hamilton.

I’ve not really been looking forward to it, as I’ve still got most of the year-long run up to Spider-man’s alleged demise sitting on my reading shelf.

As I opened the comic book shipment, cherry-picking the must reads ( Conan, Rocketeer) from those that I’m duty-bound to read (Black Panther, Ultimate Spider-man), I noticed something a little retro that I wasn’t prepared for and to be honest brought back my geeky OCD.

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Game Console news roundup at

A bit late, but here is the roundup of my daily gaming news  from last week on New Zealand’s technology website, the online home of Netguide magazine and Game Console.

Last week I looked into Ubisoft’s assault on the second-hand game market, checked out the Euro leagues taking the All Blacks Rugby Challenge, looked into Battlefield 3’s contribution to literature, got all excited about pre-ordering the new Ace Combat game and reported on Activision’s licence to remaster Bond in HD.

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Retrospective: Batman: Arkham Asylum review

Time to regurgitate another of my old missives. I assure you that this current trend of mine is only in order to put some of my old material to good use. Normal service will most likely return at the weekend.

I hated reviewing Arkham Asylum. It was with tear-stained eyes that I hurried though the game, barely pausing to take in the game’s magnificence. When I put my hand up for the Games Console reviewing gig , as far as I was concerned Arkham Asylum was just another half-baked attempt to bring the Dark Knight Detective into the realm of the video game. It had been tried before and, as far as I was concerned – as with previous attempts – it was likely to be shite.

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Retrospective: Alan Wake inspiration

R U A Wake?

I love Alan Wake. I love the setting, that quaint little town in the American Northwest. I love the “something in the woods” story. I also love the TV episode design style and the fantastic soundtrack. 

Before I reviewed the game for Game Console, I wrote a little piece about the inspiration behind Alan Wake. The game is full of little nods and tips of the hat for the amusement of the initiated. Whilst the game was overly ambitious and didn’t really find its commercial audience, I still believe it to be one of the best games of  2010. I’m not sure if this was ever published, if it was, it would have been in the Game Console section of Anyway, here it is.

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Marvel CGI Spider-man/Iron Man/Hulk shorts

Hulk smash puny Iron Man!

You know when you start aimlessly browsing though YouTube videos? Well I was doing that this evening when I came across these little gems from 2008.

It’s a three-part CGI adventure from Marvel Comics featuring Webhead, Tinman and the Green Goliath vs. some gigantic Cylon robot-things. Love the idea of a superhero calling for assistance on his mobile phone.

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Retrospective: Infamous first look

My first assignment for Game Console was a visit to see PlayStation NZ and have a go on an early build of Infamous. The resultant preview article is presented below in its entirety, complete with the stylised inFAMOUS title.

I remember at the time being left feeling apprehensive about the game, a view that I still hold. I was later invited to review the finished game, which I’ll post up soon. As much as I enjoyed the game, the empty feeling that it left me with is what put me off trying the sequel (although I’m told that I’m missing out).

Check it out, then maybe post a comment on how you found the game.

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John Carter, Warlord of Mars gets the Disney treatment

Life on Mars?

Disney gets our asses to Mars, bringing Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter to the silver screen.

I’ll admit to only knowing about  John Carter though the 1970s Marvel Comics series- John Carter, Warlord of Mars.

The John Carter’s story is relayed via Burroughs himself as he investigates the life of his “Uncle John”.  Carter is a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War that finds himself transported to a populated Mars, not the barren wasteland that NASA has shown us.

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