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Netflix in Oz

So I’ve been playing with the Australian Netflix for a week now.

And it’s good.

I’ve checked out a few movies, watched the Netflix exclusive Bloodlines and a few episodes of The Returned- another Netflix show. Flicking through all the content available is a bit overwhelming, but I’m starting to spend less and less time search for stuff and more time just watching.

Netflix is absolutely perfect for me. Continue reading Netflix in Oz

Why you need to play Techland’s Dying Light

I was more than a little anxious as I placed Techland’s new zombie game, Dying Light, in my PlayStation 4. I’d been following its extended development for nearly two years and, whilst I liked the idea, what I’d seen in my early previews didn’t inspire much confidence in me. Suffering delay after delay, it seemed that Dying Light was causing the veteran Polish developer a bit of a headache. Continue reading Why you need to play Techland’s Dying Light

Battlefield Hardline PC review

What happens when you take an established franchise and throw the rulebook out the window? Well, you get something akin to Visceral Studios’ Battlefield Hardline. Taking over the stewardship of this particular entry from the franchise founders DICE, the Dead Space developer has taken Battlefield in a totally different direction.

You could argue that DICE, themselves, have already done this with their more narrative-focused Battlefield Bad Company games- but you’d be wrong. Bad Company still had soldiers and still had tanks. Hardline swaps all that cool military stuff out and replaces it all with the hard boiled world of cops and criminals. Continue reading Battlefield Hardline PC review

Battlefield Hardline exclusive developer interview

EA Games’ and Visceral Studios’ cops verses criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline is now available in stores. I caught up with the game’s senior producer, Scott Probst, lead multiplayer map designer, Jeff Zaring and senior multiplayer designer, Evan Chaplin, during their recent visit to Sydney. Continue reading Battlefield Hardline exclusive developer interview

Is Cities: Skylines the city-builder that you’ve been waiting for?

Paradox Interactive, publishers of the so-so Cities in Motion transport planning simulators have now entered the full-on city-building fray with Cities: Skylines. After years of disappointment, I find out if this is the city builder that we have been waiting for.

Now I love a good city builder, going all the way back to the original SimCity on my Amiga. SimCity publisher EA and developer Maxis have been tinkering with their formula for decades giving us some hits in SimCity 4, some misses in SimCity Societies and a bit of a disaster in their 2013 SimCity. Continue reading Is Cities: Skylines the city-builder that you’ve been waiting for?

Ori and the Blind Forest Xbox One review

Ori and the Blind Forest blew me away when I first saw it after Microsoft sneaked it out at last year’s E3. Nine months later we can now all play Moon Studios’ labour of love.

I’m not much of a fan of indie games. For every gem there’s a dozen or so bits of pretentious rubbish. I’m too long in the tooth and nowhere near hipster enough to be charmed by retro graphics. I suffered lousy visuals the first time around. I want to play games that look so good that my eyes bleed. Continue reading Ori and the Blind Forest Xbox One review

Why PC gamers need to give Assassin’s Creed Rogue a chance

This week Ubisoft launched the PC version of the “other” Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed Rogue. And with no current-gen console version at the moment, this is most definitely the next best thing.

Unlike Assassin’s Creed Unity, Rogue launched late last year on Xbox 360 and PS3 without a hitch. Continue reading Why PC gamers need to give Assassin’s Creed Rogue a chance

Evolve PC review

2K’s four vs. one monster hunting game is now out in the wild. I’ve spent the last few weeks being the hunter and the hunted in Evolve.

Evolve’s developer, Turtle Rock, pretty much invented the concept of narrative-driven co-operative multiplayer game-play with Left 4 Dead. In pitting a group of four players in a drop-in/drop-out zombie apocalypse they created an immediately accessible game that pretty much forced players to work together in order to survive.

I’d love to say that Evolve did the same, in should, but success in the game very much depends on the calibre of your compatriots. Continue reading Evolve PC review